Quality-controlled Estonian honey

"The honey bees collected, we put it in a jar for You!" Your beekeepers Timo and Peeter.


Quality-controlled Estonian honey

From our honeycomb to your home

Our honey, which is produced by our hard-working bees and collected by our dedicated beekeepers, finds its way straight from beehive to jar. The colour and consistency depend on the plants the bees collect their pollen from. We ourselves are apiarists and keep an eye on the whole process so that we can be sure our honey is as pure and as natural in its texture as it should be.

Quality control means we analyse every batch. Our honey retains all the best qualities, like enzymes, amino acids and useful vitamins. We offer high-quality Estonian honey, adding nothing and taking nothing away. This guarantees that the honey is as natural as possible and that its beneficial qualities are found in every jar.

Regards, Peeter & Timo


Timo Riitmuru
+372 55 595 484
Peeter Matson
+372 51 78 204
Nordmel OÜ
Pärli, Võistre küla
Viljandi vald, 71074 Viljandimaa